Turn your space into a profitable and sustainable business! Our team will equipt the apartment with furniture and amenities, promote the property and manage the property and guest.

Promote your employees' wellbeing and improve productivity by providing a clean working space. Our teams are bound by confidentiality agreement and GDPR.

Let our team helps you to organise, manage, and declutter the arrangement in your premise. We work with the whole family.

A neat, tidy and clean space is one of key ingredients to gain positive review on your vacation rental profile. Dedicated and trained cleaners will prepare the property for each guest.

Vacation rental cleaning  

Home cleaning includes general surface cleaning, to cleaning the bathroom, bedroom and general kitchen area.

Cash your deposit from prior space by leaving a spotless premise. While organising your furnitures and belongings at the new premise, our team will take care the cleaning on the previous premise.

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