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How to increase the occupancy rate of your airbnb apartment?

Having a short-term vacation rental on airbnb or booking.com is not a part-time job. What seemed to be a "side business" is actually a gold mine when you put effort to it and turn it into a profitable business.

I'm sure this idea occurs to most people and while you have the opportunity to do so, I definitely suggest you to do so. But again, every idea has its own challenges. Short-time vacation rental is NOT an exotic business anymore, in fact the competition is quite tight, even the major players in the hospitality industry have set their eyes on this business. Your chance to stand out and promote your accommodation depends on the smart strategy invested on your accommodation.

Without further adieu, let's take a look on how your investment brings its worth for you.

Put Yourself In Your Guests' Shoes

Nowadays everyone travel the world, visit the new place in the country or abroad. Most likely you're a traveler as well. Being a guest yourself, you most likely have experienced the bad, the sad, the good, the great and the excellent stay in another city or country. Looking back to the excellent stay, try to remember the excitements which drove you to label the stay as an excellent stay.

When your short-term accommodation provides the guest with the similar excitement you had, that is when you know that your investment is going to pay for itself.

Small Things Matter The Most

All relationship is build through zillion of micro fractures and events, the same as the relationship between your short-term accommodation and your guest. It doesn't just happen overnight, but rather built by series of events which lead the traveller decide to be the guest in your short-term accommodation and leave a dashing review on airbnb or booking.com or any other reservation channels.

As a guest yourself, would you appreciate one grand gesture and nothing at all, or would you rather continuously experience sweet small excitement from the moment you lay your eyes on the accommodation pictures to the check-out date?

Be Alert and Communicative

It doesn't mean that you have to stay awake 24/7 just to wait for the guest's email. Hence, anytime possible, always try to give response as soon as possible. If you couldn't provide any answer immediately, always inform them when you have to find out more and will send the answer(s) as soon as you have the answer(s).

Guest appreciate fast response from the host. Nevertheless, with the time difference, they will most likely understand your late response to their messages.

Share Your Thoughts and Make Their Life Easier

Chances are most guests are first time traveller to your country or city, and let's be real, not everyone is an avid traveler nor handy with map or directions. Now this is your time to shine, guide them to find the way to your accommodation as easy as possible. Show them the step by step from the airport or the harbour or the train station to arrive safely at your accommodation, without having to guest the right entrance of your apartment building. This guideline will be most helpful for those who arrive after sunset.

Traveling by plane or car or vessel or cruise or train can be exhausted in some cases, especially when your guest is traveling with children or when they are traveling with the elders. Clear and complete guidance will be a tremendous help for your guests.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Clean and bright apartment attracts more travellers. Both factors have to go hand in hand once your guest stepped into the apartment. Make sure the lamp switch is reachable from the moment they open the door. When guest arrive in the day time, make sure to open all the curtains and let the shine flow to every inches of the apartment. When guest arrive after sunset, make sure you leave one or two lamps turned on to help them navigate from the entrance. Bright room adds a certain wow effect to the guest's experiences.

Sometime you might meet guests who check every inches of the apartment during their stay. Not to mention, some guest may have allergy to dust. Alas, making sure cleanliness in every corners in the apartment is essential, including under the bed, or other furnitures.

Little Complimentary

Small complimentary boost your guest's experiences at your accommodation by a trillion time. It's another small things that just lighten their mood after the exhausting trip to your town. They are easy to store, and voila, when preparing the accommodation, place the small complementaries on the dining table or in the kitchen.


Not every guest have the experiences to use similar electronic appliances available in your accommodation. Let's take washing machine as an example, some of your guests may have more experiences with front load washing machine, while your accommodation provides a washer and a dryer, now that can be confusing and frustrating when they have no idea on how to use them when they need to.

Therefore, a guide book on how to use the available electronic appliances in your accommodation will be a major help for your guests during their stay.

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